Did My Stock Increase Or Decrease?: Dating Life Chronicles

Whenever I visualized my 20s , I imagined being the young Clair Huxtable but darker, taller with kinky hair (wink). Imagine this, slow walking with a summer dress (if you are a guy you are wearing a beige suit) in the middle of the street during a windy day and a guy walks passes me and begins to drool. I look back and walk away swinging my hips with a smirk. Yes, my beauty and my youth has made a grown man drool.

In reality, dating life in New York City is disheartening. I have encountered men who were:

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Khlova Hair Product Review

Khlova Hair was created by a scientist, a scientist with natural hair. Vanessa used her expertise of research and fact-finding to produce a hair product line ensuring all-day moisture. Personally, I find the background story of these product line fascinating because, she utilized who she was to make something to benefit women who desire to embrace their natural texture on a daily basis. Now that’s creation!

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Feminism, To Be or Not To Bey(oncé)?: Discussion With WeComeFromQueens Podcast

FA78341A-59AF-44C2-BA6E-7B0426A90BA7.jpgI met the lovely women of the WeComeFromQueens! It’s millennial podcast about adulthood, dating, wellness and Queendom things. They were so welcoming and I was so nervous about speaking in front of a microphone. Can I cough near the microphone, will the listeners hear me drink water? The topic was Feminism, To Be or Not To Bey(oncé)?My opinion about feminism might surprise some people who have followed or know me personally. I tend to look at things from the general perspective and the true perspective. During the podcast, I confessed a secret about my opinion about Beyoncé. The Beehive better bring their honey when they come for me. Drink some tea and listen to the podcast, it will be worth it. I’m not going to say anymore (drops her laptop and runs). I’m kidding I don’t have MacBook money yet. Continue reading

Burning Sands Review

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 10.05.18 PM.png

“If There Is No Struggle There Is No Progress.”

The film did not waste time showing the pledging period of Lambda Lambda Phi Fraternity; a fictional greek fraternity. The pledging was a duration of three weeks and consisted of militant style discipline, sadism, humiliation, water torture and excessive deprecation. The intoxicating thought of getting to the probate seemed to be an overall motivator for the group of men. Continue reading


Black Web Fest: My Experience

A special thank you to Black Web Fest for inviting me! Black Web Festival brings people of African diaspora and people who are interested in seeing private screenings of films and web series created by black creators and filmmakers together. The event was an appreciable opportunity for vloggers, influencers and media makers to come network and interact. Continue reading


Millennials And Issues In Relationship/Dating

Everything Is Replaceable To Us.

The word irreplaceable is a word Millennials are probably not familiar with. We can replace just about anything. Phones, computer, women, men and friends can be included into this category of replacement. I, myself have went to Tinder to search for another guy after I had a horrible date the night before. The date was dreadful due to him starting to reminisce about his ex-girlfriend (its 2017 and people still don’t comprehend conversing about past relationships is not first date conversation) and after a while I felt like this was a consultation to see if I could be a his potential rebound. As soon as the date ended, I went on Tinder and sent 7 “WYD” messages to the hottest men who swiped left. Its comical but its honesty.

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